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  1. March 5, 2013 5:02 pm

    I was interested to read that Marianne had spent time in the Surgeons’ Hall Musuem and the Anatomy Lecture Theatre in Edinburgh, and I’m sorry we didn’t meet.
    While a ‘Bright Ideas’ Visiting Research Fellow at the ESRC’s Genomics Forum in Edinburgh I researched the background and wrote the part-fictionalised human stories of some of the exhibits at the SHM, helped by the enthusiasm of the Collections Manager, Andrew Connell, and his thoughts about the ‘patients’ whose remains found their way to the anatomy collection.
    My wish to write the human stories was stimulated by background research I carried out for my most recent novel, The Embalmer’s Book of Recipes (see , several years ago with the help of a Wellcome Trust History of Medicine grant.
    My stories about the SHM exhibits — the circumstances, social and familial, and the hopes or desperation, that drove these people to consult surgeons, enter hospitals, or otherwise willingly or unwillingly end up as exhibits — are all online, with images and drawings by artist Joyce Gunn Cairns, and related poems by Diana Hendry and Christine De Luca, at , on the Creative Writing and Reflective Writing pages. Andrew, Diana and I gave illustrated talks and read at an event, ‘Tell them our stories’ in the Anatomy Lecture Theatre in early February this year.
    I wish I’d known about Marianne’s event – it’s a shame our paths didn’t cross!

    • Elizabeth T Hurren, Editor Wellcome History permalink
      March 6, 2013 8:37 pm

      Dear Ann
      Thank you for sharing your fascinating work and providing the e-links. I will pass on your kind comments to Marianne. I am sure she would really like to get in touch.
      I am pleased to read that you are enjoying the issue
      Kind Regards
      Elizabeth Hurren
      Editor, Wellcome History


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